Wedding Vendors, Where You At?

So let me guess – you’ve looked at The Knot and you have done your google searching, but you are still like – uhhh excuse me Haley, where these vendors at?? Well let me tell you!

Note: If you are not hoping to have your wedding in Massachusetts/New England – this post will most likely be unhelpful to you.

Through my own research I have compiled a HUGE list of vendors for every category of vendor there is. Some I have liked, some I have loved, some I have hated, and some I am totally indifferent about!! I will include my opinion accordingly – listen or ignore them if you wish!

Top choices will be hyperlinked and starred**

Vendors that have been recommended to me but who I have not spoken to myself will be italicized

If you do choose to hire one of the amazing vendors mentioned below – please let them know that The Hungry Bride referred you!


Everyone has a different style of photography that they like – when looking for a photographer, see which photos really speak to you. That may sound crazy – but just try it!!

In my opinion, there are two main sects of wedding photography: Documentary style and unique style – personally I prefer unique style photography. Don’t get me wrong, a documentary style photographer can do a wonderful job!! But, in my humble opinion, the photos are less creative. Angles are more expected. And the footage is less surprising. The photography simply “documents” what happened that day. This type of photography is often less expensive, so if you like it than that is great for you!

Like I said, I am slightly biased because I prefer “unique style” photography (clearly I do not have technical photography experience). To me, the photos are less generic or “expected” – different angles are used, unexpected lighting shines through, and LOTS of candid photography is taken. Unfortunately, this is commonly more expensive because editing is often involved – but, for me, I decided that it was worth it!

Questions to consider when searching for a photographer: Do you want one, or two shooters? Do you want an engagement session? Do you want any other photo sessions (bridal, boudoir, rehearsal dinner, etc)? Do you want coverage during your ceremony? Reception? Getting ready time? Or all the above? Do you want an album of you photos? (Warning: albums can be VERY expensive – like I’m talking $1500 expensive). Do you want your photos edited?

  • Kendall Pavan Photography** – pricing starts at $3000 – Awesome photographer and awesome person – unique style – standard price for all day work!! Great value – all day coverage by Kendall. $400 extra for additional photographer.
  • Shane Godfrey** – pricing starts at $3900 – Stunning photography, unique style – all day coverage with two shooters.
  • April K Photography (April Obey)** – pricing starts at $4500 – 5 hours of coverage by April. LOVED April’s work – but out of my budget! Very unique style – interesting angles and great editing.
  • Chelsea Proulx Photography (Chelsea Bordonaro)** – Reasonable pricing and very nice work!! Pricing starts at $2450 – 5 hours coverage by Chelsea.
  • Mon Petit Studio Photography – pricing at $5190 for full-day/8-hour coverage. Unfortunately, out of my budget. Husband/Wife Team, GORGEOUS photography and wedding packaging. Literally the coolest presentation that I have ever seen of a USB drive.
  • Kelly Berry – pricing starts at $2800 – 6 hours coverage by Kelly and second shooter.
  • Wonderbliss Photography – pricing starts at $4000.
  • Jim Canole – pricing starts at $2975 – 8 hours of coverage by Jim. Documentary style.
  • Phil Fox Photography – Talented photographer – middle range prices, many album options – offers a “pay for what you want” package styling option. Unique, documentary style.
  • Megan Braemore Photography – BEAUTIFUL photography and albums, but WOW expensive –  pricing starts at $5750. Unique style.
  • 617 Weddings – pricing starts at $1995 – Cheaper end – multiple photographers available – discount if using other services as well. Documentary style.
  • Bharat Parmar Photography – recommended by venue.
  • Erica Ferrone Photography  – recommended by venue.
  • Jamison Wexler – recommended by venue.
  • Zev Fisher Photography – recommended by venue.
  • Leona Campbell Photography – recommended by venue.


Similar to photographers, videographers can range largely in style and price. Before choosing a videographer, it’s important to look at around at a few different videographers and see what type of filming you like most. It’s also important to think about what type of video you would like – most videographers today will include a short 3-5 minute summary/teaser film for sharing with friends and family as well as a full film of the event.

Other options that may or may not be included – inclusion of RAW film for future editing, longer summary video, DVD copy/copies of final product, USB drive of final product, 6 hours of filming (vs 8 hours of filming or more), multiple shooters or assistants, etc.

  • Waves Media** – prices starting at $3200 – recommended to me by photographer Shane Godfrey!!
  • Caddigan Films** – prices starting at $2200 – quality, classic photography – uses a standard of two shooters for all packages which is great.
  • Black Tie Video – prices starting at $1995 – Seems to be less expensive, but I have been told that they push add-ons which can increase price quickly.
  • Chad Whelan – packages starting at $1700 – Less expensive, but I think it shows.
  • Next Level Films – packages starting at $3200.
  • BKB & CO – packages starting at $2500.
  • Clear Vision – Did not respond to my email.
  • McElroy Weddings Cinematic Videography** – packages starting at $3499 – loved their work, but needed a slightly cheaper option – saw them getting ready at a venue 3-4 hours before it even began!! Dedicated!
  • Patrick Howell Films and Photography – packages starting at $2900 (Patrick scheduled a call with me, then never called).
  • Latimer Studios  – Did not respond to my email.
  • Timeless Cinema – Did not respond to my email.
  • Well Spun Weddings**– packages starting at $2200 – Love them and love their vintage style films
  • 21 Summit Inc. – packages starting at $3100.
  • 617 Weddings – packages starting at $1995  – discount if using other services as well.
  • Hindsight Wedding Films – recommended by vendor.
  • Generations Cinemastories – packages are weird – charge $2400 to film day of, but that does not include any editing or creation of film – seems kinda strange if you ask me?
  • SH Videography – similarly strange pricing to Generations- starting fee of $2400, then you pay by what you want – for specific video type etc.
  • aLexus Studios – pricing starts at $3850.
  • Harborview Studios – pricing starts at $2600.


  • Stephanie’s Floral Design – spoke to at a vendor event – recommended by vendor.
  • Meredith McCarthy** – spoke to at a vendor event and on phone – very sweet. Requires a $3000 minimum spend.
  • Karla Cassidy – recommended by venue.
  • Flowers by Darlene at North Shore Fruit Basket** – recommended by friends, have only used for individual flower purchases until now – very reasonable pricing!


  • The Makeup Artists** – company has artists for hair and makeup. Bridal make up priced at $135 for day of, $85 for trial. $135-$150 for hair day of, $85 for trial. Additional bridesmaids can pay Do not have to commit until after trial, around 3 months before big day! Spoke to at a vendor event – lovely people!! Although it may seem expensive, pricing is actually rather reasonable for services compared to other companies.
  • Joya Beauty** – package starting at $590 for bridal trial makeup, bridal makeup, and three wedding party makeup jobs – Recommended but out of my budget.
  • To Make Beautiful – Did not yet respond to my email.
  • From Hair to Eternity – bridal makeup for $150, bridal trial for $100 – extra costs: $20 extra for fake eyelashes, $25 for airbrush.
  • Caitlin Murphy – Did not yet respond to my email.
  • Alba Rose Artistry – recommended by a friend!
  • Stacey Frasca – used by friend – bride looked stunning but friend was bridesmaid and felt her makeup was too heavy.


Although all photobooths serve the same purpose, they can appear very different from the outside. Some are actual photobooths like you might see at the mall, others are simply a set of curtains set up around a camera, and some newer models are all digital – so photos can be seen and edited before printing! Make sure that you think about what style you want because pricing can vary as a result.

  • Clear Choice Photobooths – 4 hour rental  with unlimited photo sessions, double prints, digital copies of all images, online photo gallery, pforessional attendant, customized photo stip design, personalized scapbook, premium prop kit – priced at $749.
  • Shutter Booth New England – Custom designed logo, shutterhost for whole event, color/black and white/sepia prints, unlimited photo sessions and reprints, online photo gallery, CD of all images – priced at $1295 (Additional $50 for prop box).
  • InstaPhotoBooth – 3 hours, unlimited sessions, unlimited prints, basic template, basic backdrop, attendant, prop use, private online gallery, set up/delivery, travel up to 50 miles – priced at $999 (Additional $50 for double prints / $99 for photos without watermark/$150 for scrapbook materials).
  • The Portrait Lounge – up to 5 hours, loung structured with white fabric, setup and breakdown included, instant print of four copies of each print, password protected online viewing and ordering of prints, disc of images, photo scrapbook for guests to include their images with a message, props – priced at $1250.
  • 617 Weddings – have not heard back about pricing for this particular service.


There are MANY different types of wedding DJs – which is why finding the right one for your wedding can be a challenge. Many DJs are represented by larger companies – sometimes this means they are individuals looking for an easier way to book events. Other times, it means they actually work for the company.

Personally, I wanted a unique DJ who was not just going to play a previously created playlist of songs. But to each her own!

  • 617 Weddings – Many DJs work for the same company – can get discount for using multiple services – seemed to be a different style than I was looking for.
  • Entertainment Concepts** – Greg Gates – pricing starts at $2200, pricing all-inclusive for set-up and potential over-time.
  • White Label DJs **- pricing starts at $1600 plus an additional $200 for additional equipment set-up locations – really original style – not your average Wedding DJs – actual DJs.
  • TSG Weddings – Many DJs work for the company – seemed to be a different style than I was looking for.
  • C-Zone Entertainment  – recommended by venue.
  • ECF Entertainment – recommended by venue.


Interested in having a harp or violin at your ceremony/reception? Check out these musicians.

  • Riverview Chamber Players – recommended by venue.
  • Copley Chamber Players – recommended by venue.
  • The Gilded Harp – recommended by venue.


Keep in mind – I have not done cake tasting yet! So my list is not taste-oriented. I also have been able to reach many of the bakers because it is too far in advance to schedule with them!

  • Cakes for Occasions – have had their cake before and it’s very good – also recommended by friends. Don’t know about pricing yet.
  • Cakes by Erin – pricing starts $1.5o per slice plus decoration time – definitely seems most reasonable
  • D’Amici’s Bakery – pricing starts $4 per slice – have had cake before and it’s very good!!
  • Cakes to Remember – Ellen Bartlett
  • Frederick’s Pastries – Anne Walsh
  • Topsfield Bake Shop – Mary and Chris Bandereck – also has related “Whoopie Pie Wagon!” How cool!!
  • Jenny’s Cakes – Jen Williamson
  • Eat Cake! – Hilary Larsen – pricing starts $9-$10 per tiered cake slice – supposed to be delicious!! (But yikes! Better be for that price – to be fair, I have heard Hilary is wonderful and usually does not make tiered cake for all guests, also uses slicer cake).


  • McGinn Tours** – Jim Fogarty – $80 per hour, per bus. Hours can be determined by estimating earliest time of pick up to latest time of drop off – then add one hour for the buses to return to their parking location.

Have any more vendors that you have used and loved?? Or even an opinion about one of the vendors above? Drop a comment and let me know!

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