Phooey & Clover Celebrating With Michelle & Heart

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phooey and clover1

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Phooey and Clover were the ring bearer and flower girl at Michelle and Heart’s wedding. Heart’s nephew pulled the dogs down the aisle in a Radio Flyer wagon during the ceremony. So cute!

Photography: Vis-a-vis photography

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Grace, Jon & One Very Cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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I just love these photographs from Grace and Jon’s romantic beach wedding captured by Elizabeth Messina.

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Otis Celebrating With Blythe & Ryan

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Blythe and Ryan were married on the 13th of December, 2014. The couple’s dog, Otis, loves the spotlight, so it was only natural that he would be there on their special day and make a few cameos in their bridal portrait session.

Photographs: 509 photo


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Sadie Celebrating With Jenny & Jeff

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Jenny and Jeff were married on July 12th last year in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. They included the bride’s family dog, Sadie, in their wedding portraits.

From the bride, Jenny, “This is my family’s 9 year-old Golden Retriever, Sadie, on my wedding day. My dad gave Sadie a special trim in preparation for her wedding day pictures. Sadie is such a lovely girl. She was quite naughty and rambunctious for the first few years of her life, and in her older age, Sadie is still spirited and sometimes saucy.

When she is playing outside in the snow, or playing with her much smaller “sister”(our shih-tzu terrier, Annie), Sadie turns into a puppy again. She is at her cutest when my parents come home and she is sitting on the split entry steps with her ears pulled back and her eyes barely open, after having been awakened from a nap. Sadie is unfailingly gentle and loving, and she brings so much warmth, joy, and laughter to my family.”

Photographs: Matthew Yorke and Chera Yorke of Yorke Photography


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Bridgett Celebrating With Anne & Ross

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Jessica Schmitt Photography

Jessica Schmitt Photography

Jessica Schmitt Photography




Bridgett is Anne and Ross’s little girl so it was really important to them that she was able to be included on their wedding day.  Not only did Bridgett walk Anne down the aisle, but she also stayed with the couple at the Ritz in Georgetown where the couple hosted their entire wedding day from the ceremony to the reception.

Photographs: Jessica Schmitt Photography

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Otis Celebrating With Linley & Michael

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Bride Linley told Bride Magazine that it was never a question of whether their dog, Otis, would be included on their wedding day, but how. They decided to have their primary photo shoot with Otis in their own backyard, somewhere that Otis was familiar with. Then on the day of the wedding they had some more photos taken with Otis, who was so excited that he had to be restrained (but not before planting plenty of wet kisses on the bride and groom).

Otis was one of the groomsman at the wedding and was accompanied by a dog-sitter who minded him for the day. Once the officiant pronounced Linley and Michael husband and wife, Michael whistled to Otis who bounded down the aisle to congratulate the happy couple.

Photographs: Lynne Brubaker Photography


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Brooklyn Celebrating With Lila & Kevin

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Lila and Kevin not only included their beautiful dog, Brooklyn, in their bridal party portraits but he was also able to enjoy the days events with the rest of the couple’s family and friends.

Photographs: Cynthia Chung

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