Penny, Cleveland, Hooch and Pebbles Celebrating With Lisa & Frank

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On the day of Lisa and Frank’s wedding, bride Lisa coordinated with friends to have their furbabies brought to the salon where she was having her hair and makeup done so she could have some photographs taken with Penny, Cleveland, Hooch and Pebbles. Cleveland (the Boston featured in the car shot) was quite excited about his special moment.

Photographs: John Wirick Photography

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Macu Celebrating With Carla and Michael

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Carla and Michael were married on March 7th this year. Their furbaby, Macu joined the happy couple for their beachside ceremony and reception.

Photographs: Nelson Pinto

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Shadow & Oakley Celebrating With Demi & Zachary

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Demi and Zachary are located in Mackay, Queensland, Australia.

They have two beautiful Siberian Huskies, Shadow and Oakley, who featured as flower girl and page boy on the couples wedding day. Oakley was wearing a blue bow tie to match the colour of the boys shirts and Shadow wore a flower crown. While the dogs weren’t able to party on into the night with the couple, Demi and Zachary were happy that their two furbabies could play such an important role at their wedding ceremony.

Photographs: Khara Deurhof from House of Lucie

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Spark Celebrating With Janice & Zach

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This beautiful Wedding Dogs story comes from New Zealand.

Words from the bride, Janice:

The first question asked of every venue Zach and I visited while planning our wedding was “do you allow dogs?” Including Spark in our wedding was never optional. Now 14, Spark has been my best friend since he joined my family 13.5 years ago. He’s usually weary of new people, but Spark loved Zach from the moment they met. Spark has since inspired Zach to become a vet as Zach’s grown to love him as much as I do.

At our wedding Spark happily walked down the aisle with my mum and brother, and sat in the front row during the ceremony. He looked overjoyed to be there and was on his best behaviour, looking very dapper in his little bow tie, which perfectly matched the groom’s.

Spark is certainly looking very dapper indeed!

Photographs: Brian Lai Photography


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Franklin Celebrating With Courtney & Reese

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Courtney and Reese were married at the Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Everyone burst in to laughter when their dog, Franklin, let out a timely bark of approval during the couple’s wedding ceremony.

Photographs: Amelia + Dan


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Adam & Lisa’s Maltese Was The Ringbearer On Their Wedding Day

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These photos…I can’t even. What a cutie!

Photographs: Volatile Photography

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Whoopi Celebrating With Jenny & Todd

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Jenny and Todd booked a large artist space in South Brooklyn through AirBnB for their wedding and had family and friends help them set everything up. When planning their wedding, there was no doubt that their dog, Whoopi, would be included.

Photography: Priyanca Rao Photography

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